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Carpet Cleaning

Soft, clean, fresh smelling carpets are just one reason to get your carpets steam cleaned with Master’s Touch Steam Cleaning. Our powerful truck-mounted system delivers steam at the best and highest temperature. And the powerful suction extracts more moisture, drying your carpets faster. Our proven process, safe and effective cleaning solutions, and trained staff always get fantastic results.

But we know there’s a lot more than that to quality service. We’d like to show you what a big difference going with our professional company makes. Multiple vans and smart scheduling means we’re always on time, no excuses. Our honest and upfront policy means no hidden fees or promises that can’t be met. And our well trained staff are careful with your furniture and are happy to give further advice.

So when we come and clean your carpets you can be confident of a great job, done on time, at the agreed price. And you’ll be able to relax knowing your carpets smell fresh, feel soft, and will last even longer.


We understand that keeping your tile and grout looking new is a big job and takes constant attention. And gradually, despite your best efforts, they can begin to look worn and get even harder to clean. That’s because tile in wet areas and the porous grout require industrial equipment and processes to bring them back to perfect condition.

Master’s Touch Steam Cleaning has the equipment and expertise to bring tiles back to their original new look. Through a combination of pre-wash and cleaning solutions, we’re able to remove the buildup caused over time. This does more than look great, it destroys the places where bacteria and mold grow. And if you choose to include the sealant treatment, your tile and grout will continue to look bright and be easier to clean.


Whether you know it’s time for a routine cleaning or you think your furniture is too far gone, we are ready and eager to give them a good clean. Our team comes prepared with all of the tools required to do a great job on any type of furniture. And their training and expertise means that they’ll recognize the fabric and know just how to care for it while getting the best results.

Our cleaning solutions have been carefully selected and formulated to give you a fantastic result. They are safe around children and won’t irritate pets. We won’t leave any sticky residues or stiff fibers. Instead, once we’re done the fabric will feel clean and soft. It will be hygienic and continue to smell fresh long after we’re finished.


Isn’t it great after giving your car a wash and polish, to drive around feeling like it’s a new car? Once we’ve steam cleaned and refreshed your car upholstery, it really will feel like a new car again. We work in with your busy life by bringing our fully equipped van to your car’s location or to our location. Then with our specialized tools and shampoo for auto carpet and upholstery cleaning we bring back that new fresh feel.

We’ll draw out grime, bacteria, and dead cells from the fabric, while leaving the upholstery dry when we’re done. And we’ll use our high powered vacuum to lift out the ground-in particles from the carpets and mats. Then using a range of products designed for auto cleaning, we’ll clean and treat the other hard surfaces while restoring their condition. 


Maybe you’re moving out and heading into a new life, or maybe you’re moving in and want a clean start. Either way, we always do the same great job, and love how our professional team can take a load off your mind. Each surface demands different techniques, using the correct chemicals and equipment. Whether it’s removing glue or caulking from a door frame, or cleaning the inside of an oven, we’ve got what it takes to do a perfect job.

Our staff have been trained in our custom three-stage, deep-cleaning process that uses the right tools and techniques for each step. This process always delivers impeccable results. Streak free glass, gleaming stainless, and impeccable floors prove that the highest level of care has been taken on the job. Our large company is well prepared for the task. With plenty of highly trained staff and all of the equipment we could possibly need at our fingertips, we always deliver on time and as promised. 


The high pressure water helps rid the surface free of dirt, mold, mildew, tannin stains from leaves and sticks, rubber marks from tires, oil, & irrigation rust


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